Installation and Maintenance of PLCs

The purpose of this module is to provide the student with a thorough coverage of the various safety precautions, preventative maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques associated with a typical PLC system. In addition, the module also covers proper grounding techniques, sources of electrical interference, and I/O installation techniques. Field checkout and troubleshooting with an emphasis on practical troubleshooting and problem-solving strategies.

Learning Outcomes

  • List three safety precautions when installing PLC systems.
  • Define system layout.
  • List three safety measures for PLC installations in control panels.
  • Describe proper grounding techniques for PLCs.
  • Name three precautions to avoid electrical interference.
  • Define cross-talk interference.
  • Explain I/O installation.
  • Describe the need for I/O documentation.
  • Define leakage current and explain the purpose of bleeder resistors.
  • Explain the field checkout of PLC systems.
  • Provide periodic maintenance for a PLC system.
  • Troubleshoot PLCs.
  • Describe redundant PLC architecture.
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